New Favourite Pages every week

We have added a new feature to ChemTube3D that highlights the most popular pages over the last day and the last week. You can find the listings of new favourite pages every week under Favourite Pages in the main menu. At this time of year the topics of shape and symmetry are particularly popular.

The pages devoted to Valence Shell Electron Pair Repusion (VSEPR), which explain the shape of small molecules, have been viewed the most particularly chlorine trifluoride and water . The next most popular subject is symmetry, with many pages showing the symmetry operations such as reflections and rotations. The high symmetry structures of tetrahedral methane and octahedral SF6 have been consulted the most. The 3D shapes of the underlying p and d atomic orbitals  have also been viewed extensively.

We hope that you enjoy this new way of viewing the popular pages and find it useful for locating pages of interest.

We would also like to hear from you if you have used ChemTube3D and so have added this feedback form. Please share your experiences.

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