Chemistry Animations under Control

Getting Chemistry Animations under Control – If you want to examine an animation of a reaction mechanism in more detail you can use the new Controls  feature. Test this out for yourself using the mechanism for cyanohydrin formation

You are in control of the animation and can play it once, back and forth (this is my favourite) or view it frame by frame. Or adjust style of the model to space filled, ball and stick or wireframe as required. The model can be set to spin or zoomed in and out. You can also zoom manually by pinching on mobile or using a scroll wheel on desktops.

Most importantly this makes it much easier to see what is happening during every phase of every reaction. I use this feature extensively in my lectures. Additionally, if you wish to see or capture a higher quality image from the 3D display then select Antialias.

Please let me know if you think other JSmol options would be useful here.

One of the problems for users of ChemTube3D is finding the content they require because it is so extensive. The new intelligent Search feature is more powerful and easy to use.  The new Categories feature groups all the content into a wide range of subsections and provides an alternative way of discovering content. You can reach Categories directly from the new menu structure by clicking on a subject before using the submenu. You can view all the Categories if you perform a Search using the Search box top right. Try searching for “orbital” or “symmetry” or “VSEPR” or a subject of your choice. This should help bring Chemistry Animations under Control.

Please let me know how Search and Categories works for you.


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