Reactions of carbenes (Alkene insertion – Triplet carbene)

NOTE: Electron spins are labelled on the relevant atoms using up and down facing arrows, and the movement of radicals is represented using blue curly arrows

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For triplet carbenes the reaction is nonstereospecific, so the mechanism of the reaction must therefore be different. In fact, a concerted reaction is impossible for triplet carbenes because of the spins of the electrons involved. After the carbene adds to the alkene in a radical reaction, the diradical (triplet) intermediate must wait until one of the spins inverts so that the second C-C bond can be formed with paired electrons. This intermediate lives long enough for C-C bond rotation and loss of stereochemistry.

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P. de Frémont, N. Marion and S. P. Nolan, Coord. Chem. Rev., 2009, 253, 862–892.


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