Zn(GlySer)2 Metal Organic Framework


ZnGlySer is a peptide-based metal organic framework (MOF) with the chemical formula [Zn(GlySer)2]. It is made up of tetrahedral Zn2+ each coordinated by four glycine–serine dipeptide . There are (green dashed lines) between the dipeptide’s side chain and the guest molecules (MeOH). This is a two-dimensional (2D) layered MOF with between peptides in neighbouring layers. This MOF is flexible and the pores close when the solvent is removed. (see animation)

C.Marti-Gastaldo, D.Antypov, J.E.Warren, M.E.Briggs, P.A.Chater, P.V.Wiper, G.J.Miller, Y.Z.Khimyak, G.R.Darling, N.G.Berry, M.J.Rosseinsky (2014) Nature Chemistry ,6,343


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