Synthetic Chemistry Lab A – Level 1 – 360° Interactive Exercise

Welcome to a synthetic chemistry lab health and safety 360° “bad lab” exercise. This interactive activity allows you to progress through three levels.

This is level 1. Move through the scene and try to identify as many health and safety hazards, or examples of poor practice, as you can. Look for the key within the scene and this will allow you to progress to the next level (see right). More guidance on each level further below.

General guidance on the levels: Each level is slightly different with decreasing levels of guidance as you progress. All levels offer points for discussion between learners.

Level 1: You will see 3 or 4 images within the scene without any hints. As you progress, you will see the same images containing blue numbered dots to highlight the areas with health and safety issues. The blue numbered dots correspond to the hint button below.

Level 2: Same as level 1 except the blue dots do not contain any numbers and there is no additional hints.

Level 3: The scene presented offers no specific hints except to indicate the extent of health and safety issues.

1. Dispose of waste appropriately.
2. Keep the lid on chemical bottles when not in use.
3. Keep the sash closed when not working within the fume hood.
4. Make sure there are no trip hazards present in the bay.
5. This chemist should: wear their safety specs; fasten their lab coat; tie up their hair. Additionally, this flask should be labelled.
6. Phones should not be used within a lab.
7. All flasks of chemicals should be labelled.
8. The traps of the rotary evaporator and vacuum pumps should be emptied after use.


Additional activity: Can you spot any additional synthetic chemistry lab health and safety issues that have not been highlighted?

Disclaimer: We have deliberately introduced health and safety issues into these synthetic chemistry lab scenes for educational purposes.  We do not condone bad lab practice, but allowing learners to see such scenarios can help develop hazard perception skills and a general appreciation of health and safety. We have not highlighted all hazards in these exercises. Best practice may differ in your institution so please discuss this with a local instructor.

Which key did you spot in the scene? Select the correct option below to access level 2.


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