Zn-Carnosine Metal Organic Framework


Zn-Car is a peptide-based metal organic framework (MOF) made up of tetrahedral zinc and carnosine . Carnosine is a dipeptide of beta-alanine and L-histidine. The histidine side chain contains an which can also bind to the metal. In this MOF, the imidazole group is deprotonated, so each carnosine molecule can bind to 4 metal atoms. The flexibility of this MOF is driven by the formation of hydrogen bonds between the guest molecules and carnosine. see animation


A.P.Katsoulidis, K.Sung Park, D.Antypov, C.Marti-Gastaldo, G.J.Miller, C.M.Robertson, J.E.Warren, F.Blanc, G.Darling, N.Berry, J.Purton, D.Adams, M.J.Rosseinsky (2014) Angew.Chem.,Int.Ed. ,53,193

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