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This resource is intended to complement rather replace textbooks and can be directly projected in lectures, linked from virtual or managed learning environments either to individual reactions or to the home page for open-ended exploration.

Click on the structures and reaction arrows in sequence to reveal the reaction mechanism in interactive 3D.

Using the “Controls” button allows more detailed examination of the animations and the “Show Larger View” button which produces a resizable window is strongly recommended to provide a much larger view as well as controls for the animation and display.

The pages are fully searchable using the Search box top left including chemical formulae e.g. “H2O”.

As well as a wide range of organic reactions you may find the introductory atomic and molecular orbital animations (calculated and cartoon molecular orbitals), molecular vibrations, electrostatic surfaces which show reactive sites and the interplay between UV spectroscopy and conjugated polyenes useful.

If you have any queries or suggestions please use the Feedback link to email us.

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