Ni-Asp-bipy Metal Organic Framework


Ni-Asp-bipy is a mixed linker MOF (metal organic framework) with the chemical formula [Ni2(L-asp)2(bipy)]. It is made up of octahedrally coordinated nickel and and linkers. Each nickel cation binds to three aspartate anions – one binds in a tridentate mode, and the other two in a monodentate mode. This MOF is made with methanol and water molecules in it, but it retains its open framework structure upon loss of the guest molecules. It has a chiral internal surface, due to the chiral aspartic acid linker, and has been shown to have enantioselective sorption properties.

Vaidhyanathan, R., Bradshaw, D., Rebilly, J.-N., Barrio, J. P., Gould, J. A., Berry, N. G. and Rosseinsky, M. J. (2006), Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 45: 6495–6499


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