CaTiO3 – Perovskite: Interactive 3D Structure

– Ca 12 (cuboctahedral): Ti 6 (Octahedral) : O 2

Based on a unit cell

Polyhedra – Face-sharing
, vertex-sharing and face-sharing
perovskite structure, ABX3
The perovskite structure, ABX3: (a) the cubic unit cell outlined in blue, emphasizing the coordination geometry of the A (12-fold) and B (6-fold octahedral) cations to X; (b) the projection representation of the unit cell; (c) the same structure, emphasizing the octahedral coordination of the B sites and description of the structure as linked BX6 octahedra; (d) the relationship of the perovskite structure to a close-packed arrangement of A and X (arrowed) with B in octahedral holes; the unit cell outlined is the same as that in (a).

Related Structure: Rhenium trioxide (ReO3)


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