Chapter list 7th Edition

Chapter 1
Atomic structure
Chapter 2
Molecular structure and bonding
Chapter 3
Molecular symmetry
Chapter 4
The structures of simple solids
Chapter 5
Acids and bases
Chapter 6
Oxidation and reduction
Chapter 7
An introduction to coordination compounds
Chapter 8
Physical techniques in inorganic chemistry
Chapter 9
Periodic trends
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
The Group 1 elements
Chapter 12
The Group 2 elements
Chapter 13
The Group 13 elements
Chapter 14
The Group 14 elements
Chapter 15
The Group 15 elements
Chapter 16
The Group 16 elements
Chapter 17
The Group 17 elements
Chapter 18
The Group 18 elements
Chapter 19
The d-block elements
Chapter 20
d-Metal complexes: electronic structure and properties
Chapter 21
Coordination chemistry: reactions of complexes
Chapter 22
d-Metal organometallic chemistry
Chapter 23
The f-block elements
Chapter 24
Materials chemistry and nanomaterials
Chapter 25
Green chemistry
Chapter 26
Biological inorganic chemistry
Chapter 27
Inorganic chemistry in medicine

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