NASICON- Solid Electrolyte

Sodium batteries are gaining more attention as an alternative to lithium ion batteries. They function using the same mechanism as the lithium ion battery and similarly research is being conducted into solid electrolytes for sodium ion batteries.

Solid electrolytes are of interest because, unlike liquid electrolytes, they are non-flammable and so are considered safer than traditional batteries.

For sodium batteries a fast ion conductor in the solid state has been developed called NASICONs (Sodium super ionic conductor). They have the general formula where  Na1-xZr2SixP3-xO12  where 0<x<3. In the example the formula is NaZr2Si(PO4)3. The conduction is analogous to both that seen in alpha AgI and sodium chloride. Just like in sodium chloride the ions follow a curved path avoiding being too close to other ions within the struture. Similarly to alpha AgI, the ion motion is a concerted motion with the moving ions not coming into contact with each other.

There is also an analogous LISICON structure as a comparison for Lithium batteries.

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