Table of Interactive 3D Ionic Solid State Structures


Select from the topics in the menu including simple solids, Group 1, Group 2, Group 14, transition metals, lanthanides and actinides, solid state materials, and bioinorganic chemistry.

Basic Solid State Structures

Cubic close-packed / Face-centred cubic (ccp/fcc)
Hexagonal close packed (hcp)
Simple cubic, Body-centred cubic (bcc) and related Primitive Caesium Chloride (CsCl) structure

Structures derived from close packing by filling holes

Close-packing TypeHole-fillingStructure Type
Cubic (ccp)All octahedralRock salt NaCl
All tetrahedralFluorite CaF2 Anti-Fluorite Na2O
Half octahedralCadmium Chloride CdCl2 Anatase TiO2
Half tetrahedralZinc Blende/Sphalerite ZnS
All octahedral and tetrahedralLithium Bismuthide Li3Bi
1/3 octahedralYttrium trichloride YCl3
Hexagonal (hcp)All octahedralNickel Arsenide
Half octahedralCadmium Iodide CdI2 Rutile TiO2
All tetrahedralNo structure exists
Half tetrahedralWurtzite ZnS
1/3 octahedralBismuth triiodide BiI3

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