Inorganic Lab Level 1 – Try again

Explore level 1 of a bad inorganic Lab. Try to identify as many hazards as you can within the scene. The knowledge you gain here will help you pass the final level!

After proceeding through the scene (4 images here), navigate to the hints. The hints highlight some of the problem areas, but not necessarily all of them, with numbered blue dots. The numbers correspond to the list of hints below.

1. Rotary evaporator collection flasks should be emptied after use.
2. Depending on the chemicals being used gloves may need to be worn.
3. The chemist should not be seated while pouring chemicals.
4. Long hair should be tied back.
5. Any solids spilled on the balance should be immediately cleaned.
6. This container of solids should not be stored here.
7. Phones should not be used in a lab.
8. The temperature of this melting point apparatus is set to high.
9. This is not the correct place to store glassware.
10. This broken beaker should be discarded of in the glass bin and any broken glass should be cleaned up.
11. Should gloves and glasses be stored here?



Note, Health and safety errors have been deliberately introduced into the  scenarios for educational purposes.  We do not condone bad lab practice, but allowing students to see such scenarios can help develop hazard perception skills. Best practice may differ in your institution, please discuss this with a local instructor.

That is the incorrect key! Please try again.

Which key did you spot? This will take you to level 2.



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