Dean-Stark Setup – Interactive Exercise Hints

That is not quite right. Have another go.

Look through the five Dean-Stark scenes. Try to identify any hazards/errors within them. Can you spot the scenario with the fewest errors?

Note, Health and safety errors have been deliberately introduced into the  scenarios for educational purposes.  We do not condone bad lab practice, but allowing students to see such scenarios can help develop hazard perception skills. Best practice may differ in your institution, please discuss this with a local instructor before setting up any glassware.

Which scenario has the fewest errors? There are hints below to help.

Have you considered the following :

  • – Where should the setup be placed?
  • – Should the tap be closed or open?
  • – Where should the clamp stand base be?
  • – Is the lab jack being used correctly?
  • – Are any wires dangerously placed?
  • – What position should the fume hood be in?

You can assume all the joints are correctly greased. Note not all aspects may be visible in each image.

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