Dean-Stark Apparatus Setup – Hints – 360° Interactive Exercise

That is not quite right. Have another go.

Look through the five Dean-Stark apparatus scenes by clicking on the A-E buttons in the image below. Try to identify any hazards/errors within the five scenes.

When you spot the Dean-Stark apparatus with the fewest errors, click on the button to the right to see if you are correct.

Additional activity: Make a list of good and poor practice within the five Dean-Stark apparatus scenes above. When you are presented with the answers, you can self-evaluate your hazard perception skills.

Disclaimer: We have deliberately introduced health and safety issues into these Dean-Stark apparatus scenes for educational purposes.  We do not condone bad lab practice, but allowing learners to see such scenarios can help develop hazard perception skills and a general appreciation of health and safety. We have not highlighted all hazards in these exercises. Best practice may differ in your institution so please discuss this with a local instructor before setting up any apparatus.

Which scenario has the fewest errors? There are hints below to help.

Have you considered the following :

  • – Where should the setup be placed?
  • – Should the tap be closed or open?
  • – Where should the clamp stand base be?
  • – Is the lab jack being used correctly?
  • – Are any wires dangerously placed?
  • – What position should the fume hood be in?

Note: Not all aspects may be visible in each image.

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