ChemTube3D pages can now be given star ratings

Star Ratings

You can now indicate which individual pages on ChemTube3D you find useful are by clicking on a star to rate the page. We added this feature a couple of months ago to discover what users thought of the pages and already 550 pages have gained star ratings!

Xenon tetrafluoride (XeF4) – D4h is the page with the highest average rating of 5* with 12 votes. The page describes the symmetry of this special molecule, it was the first binary compound of a noble gas. Read more about the non-polar nature of XeF4 and visualise the dipoles and electrostatic surfaces.

Furthermore you can also explore another 340 pages with perfect 5* ratings.

Interestingly, Conformations of cyclohexane and Staggered Ethane – D3d lead the way in the total number of votes cast with 45 and 44 respectively. This confirms the importance of understanding conformations of molecules and their symmetry. The overall average star ratings are also impressive for these popular pages.


If you discover an individual page with a problem you can use the useful feedback feature. A few users have reported these which has enabled them to be quickly fixed. We use Twitter as the route to confirm when we use this feedback as the process is anonymous.

Please continue to give star ratings to the pages you find useful and let me know about any problems.



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