Asymmetric Sulfoxidation Detail

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Note: For clarity, the following simplifications were made: (i) dimethyl tartate was used instead of diethyl tartate; (ii) Hünig's base 3a was replaced by trimethylamine; (iii) cumene hydroperoxide was replaced by methyl hydroperoxide; and (iv) the isopropoxide ligand was replaced by a methoxide ligand.

The dimethyl tartate and trimethyl amine ligands coordinate to the titanium atom along with methyl peroxide to form a complex. The NH group of the methyl imidazole forms a hydrogen bond with an O atom of the dimethyl tartate, holding the molecules in a conformation where they can react stereoselectively.


Animations based on Seenivasaperumal, M., Federsel, H.-J. and Szabó, K., Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 351 (2009), pp. 903-919.